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Long-Form Conversations with Distinguished Landscape Industry Professionals Worldwide
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EPISODE 10: John Jansen of Wishbone Site Furnishings

John Jansen (sporting signature fedora), president and CEO of Wishbone Site Furnishings, based in Langley, British Columbia, poignantly describes to Landscape Radio's David Maas the many challenges and blessings of his incredible journey building a global manufacturing brand.

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EPISODE 9: Charlie Snider of Diamond Spas, Inc.

Charlie Snider, of Diamond Spas, Inc., based in Frederick, Colorado, talks with Landscape Radio's David Maas about Diamond's incredible success fabricating spectacular stainless steel and copper luxury swimming pools, spas and water features for a wide range of project applications worldwide.

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EPISODE 8: Brad Done of Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Brad Done, of Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., based in Surrey, British Columbia, talks with Landscape Radio's David Maas about his company's multi-generational history, dating to 1925, providing stock and custom designed products for architectural site furnishing, traffic management and industrial applications throughout North America.

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EPISODE 7: Jim Bradac of
Ceme-Tube®, LLC.

Jim Bradac, of Ceme-Tube®, LLC, manufacturer of innovative plastic blow-molded tubes for pouring concrete footings, columns, piers and light poles based in Hudson, Wisconsin, talks with Landscape Radio's David Maas about how a problem with the construction of his North Woods cabin led to an industry-changing invention.

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EPISODE 6: Cory Gellerstedt of Nixalite of America, Inc.

Cory Gellerstedt, of Nixalite of America, Inc., manufacturer of effective and humane bird control products, talks with Landscape Radio's David Maas about how his grandfather's bird spike invention grew into a multi-generational, global operation.

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EPISODE 5: Michael Przystawik of Waltzing Waters, Inc. / Liquid Fireworks®

Michael Przystawik, of Waltzing Waters, Inc. / Liquid Fireworks®, talks with Landscape Radio's David Maas about his family's multi-generational experience creating spectacular water show productions for both indoor and outdoor venues worldwide.

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EPISODE 4: David Cooke of Cooke Contemporary Furniture

David Cooke, founder of Cooke Contemporary Furniture, talks with Landscape Radio's David Maas about how an early passion for fire lead to a fascinating career creating stunning designer custom outdoor fire pit tables using the finest quality stainless steel, acid washed copper and magnificent granite and marble from all over the world.

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EPISODE 3: Ken Rogers of Summit-USA, Inc.

Ken Rogers, founder of Summit-USA, Inc., manufacturer of customizable commercial swimming pool slides, talks with Landscape Radio's David Maas about his company's founding and decades of experience creating thousands of luxury swimming pool and water slides worldwide.

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EPISODE 2: Brian Belden of The Belden Brick Company

Brian Belden, of The Belden Brick Company, the largest family owned and managed brick company in the United States, talks with Landscape Radio's David Maas about brick products in the landscape, as well as Belden Brick's past, present and future.

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PILOT EPISODE: Tom McNutt of Boccemon

Tom McNutt, of Boccemon, producer of Rain Country Blend, a custom bocce court surface medium used across the United States, in Canada, Iraq, and even Dubai, talks with Landscape Radio's David Maas about the increasingly popular game of bocce, and the specifics of adding a bocce court to the landscape.

About Landscape Radio

Landscape Radio is a long-form podcast program presenting in-depth discussions with distinguished landscape industry professionals from throughout the world.

Landscape Radio's host, David Maas, holds a Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) Degree and Certificate in Historic Preservation Studies from the The University of Georgia's College of Environment + Design and is curator of both (The Preservation Marketplace) and (The Landscape Architectural Marketplace), as well as host of Preservation Radio. He is also a United States Marine Corps veteran.